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Boston friends: You wanted food recs. Now you got 'em.

Eat Boston: Ernesto's

Eat Boston: Ernesto's

When you can't get into Regina's (which isn't bad, as long as you go to the original in the North End), go to Ernesto's. 

Actually, just go to Ernesto's in the first place.

1 Slice 2 Slice

1 Slice 2 Slice

Get The...

Pizza (duh)

Ernesto’s is pizza. Pizza is Ernesto’s. It is prime (Not like, “That’s prime, yo.” No. More like singularly, indivisibly good). My go-tos are the chicken-bacon-ranch and sausage-ricotta, but you should order whatever sounds good to you, because it will be. If you’re indecisive but not picky, ask for what’s fresh out of the oven; chances are there’s at least one crispy, piping-hot pie steaming on the counter off to the side. 

Note: If you get a slice, it will be two slices. **Ooooh, magic**. Okay technically it’s only one slice that they cut into two, but that still seems to amaze some people (me). 


Deep-fried balls of rice and meat and cheese and sometimes peas. Idk man, there are different kinds. Ask what they've got today.

Garlic Knots

I don't really understand how a rational person can pass by garlic knots. Then again, maybe that's what makes them rational. Ernesto's are garlicky and naughty. Ahah.


Good - The guys answer your questions, take your order, put out the pizza. ‘Nough said.


Five 4-tops, two 2-tops. About as Boston as pizza joints get – no frills, photos of Italian people posing with famous Italian people (exception: Patriots), a flat screen for The Sports. If you eat at mostly high-end restaurants you would call it “hole-in-the-wall.” If you are a normal person you would not.

How To Do It

On weekdays you'll always find a seat, on weekends it might be a little harder. For a small pizza joint, Ernesto’s is quite the family outing destination, even in the late lunch hours after 3PM. Combine that with the occasional Boston Pizza Tour (or something) group, and you’ve got a case of better-time-this-just-right. Luckily, it’s pizza, so table turnover is pretty quick.

It is worth the wait.

PS: Please note that not one time in this article did I say “’Za.” No. Stop that. I take as many liberties with the English language as I please, but that is a bridge over the river Pizza too far.


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