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Boston friends: You wanted food recs. Now you got 'em.

Eat Boston: Shojo

Eat Boston: Shojo

So, Chinatown is a whole lot more than boba (bubble tea) shops and dim sum palaces. Nothing wrong with those, but there's more.

Case in point: Shojo.

The only noods in this guy's dreams. (Pity me.)

The only noods in this guy's dreams. (Pity me.)

Get The...


If your lunch hours or free time correspond with Shojo’s (Thu-Sat, starting at 11am), you want to be there, because it’s ramen time baby. Chicken-based broth, two large cuts of pork belly, six-minute egg, a healthy dash of sesame, and a peppery kick make it an instant cold weather cure. And the noodles. The. Noodles. I dare you to find thicker, chewier noodles in Boston (Really though, please do. I want to know). Until then however, Shojo’s are perfect – and I’ll leave it there.

Shadowless Duck-Fat Fries

If you’ve ever had the privilege of feasting on Animal Fries from In ‘N Out, these are like those - in the sense that Shojo’s Shadowless Fries ate the Animal Fries, absorbed their essence, and morphed into this taste bud-boggling heap of Incredible Super Fries. Like that.

I can't tell you what's in the sauce. I can only tell you it's amazing.

I can't tell you what's in the sauce. I can only tell you it's amazing.


From Kamehameha to Superhappyfunmakeagoodtimeagogo to Yakuza Old Fashioned, these drinks sound like the sh**. And they are.

Other Stuff

Wu-Tang Tiger Style Ribs: Tender, crispy, juic- ohp, they’re gone.

Kimchi Fried Rice: Do you like kimchi? Do you like fried rice?

Chicken & Waffles: Where the waffle is an egg puff pastry and the chicken is…just chicken but still delicious.

The Shojonator: Burger. Rice buns. Order.


Yay! to Yay. Not always the most enthusiastic, but then again, who is? They are, at their worst, polite and efficient. Not too shabby.


Damn, this place is cool. It’s a little tight, but the badass mural painted on the back wall and never-ending kung-fu movies on TV will make you wanna say "Dayum!". And then you will, involuntarily, out loud. It’s okay, they’re used to it.

How to Do It

It should be noted that most of their dinner plates are big in flavor, small in stature. Be mentally prepared for this, make a reservation, order a lot, get yourself one hell of a cocktail, and you’ll have a great time. 

OR, be a woefully unprepared college bro on a date, octuple-check with your unfortunate companion about the two dishes you’re splitting at a small-plates restaurant, make a grandiose display of disappointment at the size of the portion, groan loudly at the bill, and leave entirely dissatisfied. But nobody would ever choose to do that, right?


Hey, it’s up to you.

Don't say no to Shojo. Now go, and let me know how it was, below.


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