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Boston friends: You wanted food recs. Now you got 'em.

Eat Boston: Coppa

Eat Boston: Coppa

Boston's Best Restaurant Fam

Below is 1/3 of Ken Oringer & Jamie Bissonnette's esteemed family of Boston restaurants: Toro, Coppa, and Little Donkey. They are all, understandably, very popular. 

So when you do find yourself at one of these establishments (as is almost inevitable when in Boston), this is how to make the most of your unabashedly tasty time.

Submitted by local food expert and excellent cook, Alice. Follow her on Insta @stix.and.scones. Photo creds to Emily Caccam (@emily.chele).

Now let’s move on to Toro’s first sister restaurant: 


You’ll stumble upon this tiny neighborhood restaurant in the South End; and here comfort food in your Nonna’s kitchen meets beautiful plating meets fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Unlike Toro, Coppa is happy to take reservations over the phone and through OpenTable, although nothing over six to be safe; once you see the size of the dining room it’ll make sense. They also have a small bar and some first come first serve seating, so be flexible if you didn’t plan ahead, they’ll get you down somewhere!


...your meal with a glass of their “Albone” Lambrusco – which is definitely acceptable in these hot summer months. If you’re sticking with the summer wines, their Scribe Vineyard Rose for $62/bottle takes the win.

Brunch, Lunch or Dinner?

They serve full menu all day every day in addition to their Brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re coming in for Brunch, don’t miss their Pompelmoroasted and carmelized grapefruit or their Coppa Shakshuka – some of the best in the city.

Lunch is bomb, order an Italian Grinder or Meatball Sub (Monday’s only)... but I would suggest dinner so you can leave in a food coma, and promptly fall into your bed with no regrets.

But Like, Dinner

Crazy Good Cured Meats and Cheeses

Start off with some Salumi & Formaggio. They have some crazy good cured meats and cheeses. It’s co-owner Jamie Bissonette’s passion, so say thanks by devouring a plethora of meats on one of their picture perfect boards. Move into some Stuzzichini (small bar snacks) by snacking on their addictive Arancini di Fontalfried risotto and cheese balls and their Funghi in Salomoiamarinated local mushrooms, slightly acidic and very refreshing.

Move into some Antipasti with their seasonal Burrata – currently served with anise hyssop, black olive, cherry and crispy speck or their Piselliroasted snap peas, chemoula vinaigrette and fried shallots. Their Sedano di Caeser isn’t your traditional Caeser salad, instead of lettuce they finely slice celery with their home dressing and some bread crumbs. Don’t miss their Polpette (meatballs) that will leave you second guessing your mother’s signature recipe.


(yes we know these are meatballs)

Here’s the deal, you can get half or full portions – I’d suggest half since they definitely don’t skimp and that way you can still enjoy your other small plates. Don’t miss out on the Spaghetti Carbonara con Riccio di Mare a classic with a sea urchin twist, and definitely get your hands on the Linguine alla Seppia – squid ink pasta with cockles*, white wine, and garlic.

*I can't with this word. Cockles. Dead. - Mitch

Whatever you choose you won’t go wrong. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is made in house and they change up the offerings frequently (all about those fresh ingredients).


If you haven’t had nduja, now’s your chance. It’s this spicy smooth sausage that gets spread all over their Nduja Pizza – add some burrata to the mix and you’ll be in heaven.

Next up the Salsiccia – its got pork sausage, ricotta, roasted onion and fennel pollen – salty, sweet, spicy, silky smooth and that crust OH MY GOODNESS. Their wood-fired oven is hot hot hot which equals the perfect thin crust to make all of your carbo dreams come true.

=> PRO TIP: They’ve got hangover pizza for brunch. Nuff said.


This place is not only nestled into the most picturesque neighborhood in Boston, but it’s filled with some fun loving staff who are incredibly intelligent and dedicated. Their trick: For the past seven years they’ve been taking simple ingredients and flipping them upside down. They use their world-class kitchen staff to show you that amazing food doesn’t need frills, just some love and a really hot wood-fired oven.

Thanks again to Alice for the inside scoop! Now you go, and show us whatcha got, below. Do comments do photos? Just be very descriptive.

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