Don't like reading? Enjoy listening instead? Check out the below for hours of hilarious health strugs (0% me), crazy movies (25% me), and informative political analysis(!!!) (100% me).


We Do We

Three friends sharing ideas and stories as they pursue health, wellness, and LIFE on their own terms. The first episode is all about what the heck it means to "live life on your own terms."

If you like useful, easy listening podcasts with funny people, this one's for you.

Why [It] Matters

Why [It] Matters is a world news and economics podcast focused on answering the question less asked. Inspired in equal parts by the thorough reporting of The Economist, the immersive audio storytelling of Radiolab, and sheer amateur pluck, WIM weaves together economic data, anecdotes, famous speeches, and music by independent artists in an attempt to figure out the world, one episode at a time.

Like music and having your opinions challenged? Think people should just get along more? This is what that sounds like.

WTF Are We Watching?

Four intrepid podcasters, boldly watching what very, very few have watched before. Join us as we innocently plunge into the much-stranger-than-Stranger Things world of "Netflix movies we haven't heard of." It's a trip.

For some good ol' fashioned goofballs watching (mostly) bad movies, you could go a lot worse than us. Jump on as we pull our sh** together entering Season 2.